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      Five star Irish Tourist Board Approved



53 Seater Mercedes Executive Limousine Coach (53 Seat Ex)

This 53 Seater Mercedes Executive Limousine Coach is designed for larger groups travelling long journeys it is the ideal touring vehicle to enable the business and leisure tourist to see at first hand our beautiful country. The touring model is the result of advanced technologies in design and manufacturing by Mercedes Benz and it offers an unbeatable level of features.

Recommended number of passengers for the following journeys:


  • Airport Transfers: 53 people maximum

  • Evening Transfer / Full Day Hire: 53 people maximum

  • Extended tours over three days: 49 people maximum

Luxury Features as standard on 53 Seater Mercedes Executive Limousine Coach (53 Seat Ex)


  • Plush semi-leather reclining seats with safety belts

  • Arm Rests

  • Reading Lights

  • Table at each seat

  • Tinted Windows

  • Air Conditioning

  • Radio / Cassette / CD player

  • Full Drawn Curtains

  • DVD & Screen

  • Public Address System

  • Cooler Box / Fridge

  • Carpet matting to aisle

  • Excellent luggage space with large boot

  • Friendly chauffeur/driver



  • Picnic

  • Bottled Water

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Drinks

  • Champagne

  • Wifi