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4 Seater Mercedes Executive Chauffeur Car (4 Seat Ex)


The 4 Seater Mercedes Executive Chauffeur Car ensures comfort and style for up to 3 passengers with a modest amount of luggage space. The new S-Class is a byword for comfort, safety and elegance. Since the first appearance of the S-Class 20 years ago, each generation of the Mercedes Benz luxury S-class saloon has been ahead of its time. Whether in terms of safety, comfort or dynamism the S-Class has always led the way.

Recommended number of passengers for the following journeys:


  • Airport Transfers: 3 people maximum

  • Evening Transfer / Full Day Hire: 4 people maximum

  • Extended tours over three days: 3 people maximum


Luxury Features as standard on 4 Seater Mercedes Executive Chauffeur Car  (4 Seat Ex)


  • Plush leather seats with safety belts

  • Tinted Windows

  • Air Conditioning

  • Radio / Cassette / CD player

  • Excellent luggage space with large boot

  • Friendly chauffeur/driver




  • Picnic

  • Bottled Water

  • Newspapers Magazines

  • Drinks

  • Champagne

  • Wifi